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vol. 11, issue 9 - June, 2018
vol. 11, issue 5 - February, 2018
Richard and Mildred Loving
vol. 10, issue 12 - September, 2017
vol. 10, issue 8 - May, 2017
vol. 10, issue 6 - March, 2017
vol. 9, issue 12 - September, 2016
vol. 9, issue 11 - August, 2016
vol. 8, issue 12 - September, 2015
vol. 8, issue 10 - July, 2015
vol. 8, issue 6 - March, 2015
vol. 8, issue 4 - January, 2015
vol. 8, issue 3 - December, 2014
vol. 7, issue 11 - August, 2014
vol. 7, issue 8 - May, 2014
vol. 7, issue 2 - November, 2013
vol. 6, issue 5 - February, 2013
Planned Parenthood supporters demonstrate in Columbus, Ohio, 2012.
vol. 6, issue 2 - November, 2012
Canada's Athabasca Glacier.
vol. 5, issue 8 - May, 2012
In the last fifty years, global agricultural practices have favored growing ever fewer varieties of high-yielding crops, leading to fears that the loss of genetic diversity in food leaves the growing human population exposed to risks of food shortages from disease, pests, and climate change.
vol. 5, issue 4 - January, 2012
Protesters demonstrate against nuclear power and a storage facility at Rokkasho following the March 2011 disaster at Japan's Fukushima I power plant, the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl (1986).
vol. 4, issue 9 - June, 2011
A young man stays connected on his cell phone as he strolls by a store advertising the Beatles' music on Apple's online store.
vol. 4, issue 4 - January, 2011
Jaycee Dugard was found in August, 2009 18 years after her abduction. While most child abductions by strangers do not end so well, historian Paula Fass points out that stranger abductions comprise only a small percentage of child kidnapping cases even though they receive the lion's share of media attention. Fear over stranger abductions has grown in the United States since the 19th century, and often results more from general fears about society than the actual safety of individual children.
vol. 3, issue 4 - January, 2010
Two Afghan women dressed in bright blue burqas. Today the burqa stands as a symbol of the status of women in Afghanistan, but for much of the twentieth century the history of women in this war-torn country led also toward greater rights and public presence.
vol. 2, issue 12 - September, 2009
The Wilds' former home in Detroit, MI.
vol. 2, issue 8 - May, 2009
A protester in New York City after the recent passage of Proposition 8 in California, limiting the marriage rights of same-sex couples in that state.
vol. 2, issue 7 - April, 2009
The Newborn Monument in Kosovo.
vol. 2, issue 6 - March, 2009
Juche Tower in Pyongyang, North Korea.
vol. 2, issue 3 - December, 2008
'Taiwan is My Country' Sticker.
vol. 1, issue 9 - June, 2008
The Kenya flag.
vol. 1, issue 7 - April, 2008
Flags at Hague Convention
vol. 1, issue 4 - January, 2008

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Why Can the Dead Do Such Great Things? Saints and Worshippers from the Martyrs to the Reformation by Robret Bartlett
April, 2014
John Keay Midnight's Descendants a history of south asia since partition
March, 2014
The Trials of Laura Fair: Sex, Murder, and Insanity in the Victorian West Carole Haber
February, 2014
January, 2014
How to Create the Perfect Wife by Wendy Moore
November, 2013
Mapping the Nation: History and Cartography in Nineteenth-Century America (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2012)
August, 2013
The First Crusade: The Call from the East (Cambridge, MA: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2012)
July, 2013
The Eve of Destruction: How 1965 Transformed America (New York: Basic Books, 2012)
May, 2013
Ajax, The Dutch, The War: the Strange Tale of Soccer During Europe's Darkest Hour (New York: Nation Books, 2012)
February, 2013
Zoot Suit: The Enigmatic Career of an Extreme Style (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011)
October, 2011
November, 2010
The Lost World of Old Europe: The Danube Valley, 5000-3500 BC (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2010. pp. 254)
September, 2010
The Anatomy Murders (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2009)
March, 2010
Famine: A Short History book cover.
October, 2009
The Blue Tattoo: The Life of Olive Oatman book review.
June, 2009
Robert Clifton Weaver and the American City: The Life and Times of an Urban Reformer (University of Chicago Press, 2008)
February, 2009
A Revolution in Taste: The Rise of French Cuisine, 1650-1800 (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2009)
January, 2009
Sweet Land of Liberty: The Forgotten Struggle for Civil Rights in the North book cover.
December, 2008
A Day in a Medieval City book cover.
March, 2007
Strangers Nowhere in the World: The Rise of Cosmopolitanism in Early Modern Europe book cover.
July, 2006
Spirits of Defiance: National Prohibition and Jazz Age Literature book cover.
February, 2006
The Breaking Point: Hemingway, Dos Passos, and the Murder of Jose Robles book cover.
January, 2006
Shakespeare For All Time book cover.
December, 2005

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