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Avery Kaminski

Avery Kaminski is a recent graduate from The Ohio State University. Avery earned his bachelor’s degrees in both History and Anthropology (2019). He also earned his master’s in History with a specialization in Public History (2019). 

While at OSU, he helped develop new courses for museum studies with the Anthropology Department that are being offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level. These classes include foundational readings for museum studies as well as internships to gain real life experiences with museums in the Columbus area.

Avery has years of experience working in both museums and archives. He has worked at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum, Motts Military Museum, The National Veterans Memorial and Museum, and The Ohio State University Archives. He recently published a master’s thesis that analyzed how the Korean War is remembered in the United States. This thesis was based on original research that used multiple museums, memorials, and monuments across the country as primary sources to analyze how this war is remembered by the American public.

Since graduating, Avery has worked as an independent contractor with the United States Department of State as a museum exhibit designer and researcher.