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Patrick R. Potyondy

Patrick is currently serving as a managing editor for Origins and is also the host and producer for History Talk. He is a doctoral candidate and graduate associate at The Ohio State University History Department with research interests in urban history, the history and foundations of education, and modern US history with a focus on race and ethnicty. His dissertation examines the rise, fall, preservation, and, at times, erasure of urban public institutions between 1940 and the present. The research project analyzes the intersections between public housing policies, the residents who made it a home, competing portrayals and memories of those places, and the challenges facing public historians seeking to memorialize the time period. It also digitally maps and visualizes historical data from the National Register of Historic Places as well as from several national African-American newspapers and academic journals. He has begun collecting oral histories and historical material from individuals who lived on the Near East Side of Columbus, Ohio.

He has taught several classes including modern western civilization, U.S. history since 1963, social movements in U.S. history, and the modern U.S. history survey.

In addition to book reviews on Origins, Patrick has published "Top Ten Origins: The Common Core Curriculum" and "December 2012: A “God Particle” for Isaac Newton’s Birthday."