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Zoltán Ádám

Zoltán Ádám is Assistant Professor at the Department of Comparative and Institutional Economics at Corvinus University of Budapest. He holds a PhD in economics from Debrecen University, an MPhil in political science from Central European University, and a master in public administration from Harvard Kennedy School. He teaches classes in institutional economics, microeconomics and comparative economics, while his research focuses on the political economy of post-communist transition, populism and illiberal democracies. Previously he was senior economist and managing director of Kopint-Tárki Institute for Economic Research, a Budapest-based economic think tank (2012-16), head of research of Takarékbank (Budapest) and senior economist of DZ Bank (Frankfurt) (2008-12), and economic policy advisor in the Ministry of Economy and Transport (2006-08). He was editor of Külgazdaság, a Hungarian economic journal (2006-09), and researched and taught at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies at University College London (2001-03, 2005-06). For ten years (2005-15), he was on the editorial board of Beszélő, a Hungarian liberal political journal, established in 1981 as a samizdat by the Democratic Opposition of the communist era.