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The best of today’s history reading
The Gold Standard at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: Rising Powers, Global Money, and the Age of Empire (New York: Columbia University Press, 2010)
Song of Wrath: The Peloponnesian War Begins (Basic Books, New York, 2010)
A Wicked Company: The Forgotten Radicalism of the European Enlightenment (New York: Basic Books, 2010)
Sexual Injustice: Supreme Court Decisions from Griswold to Roe (University of North Carolina Press)
Wounded Knee: Party Politics and the Road to an American Massacre (New York: Basic Books, 2010)
The Lost World of Old Europe: The Danube Valley, 5000-3500 BC (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2010. pp. 254)
A History of Iran: Empire of the Mind (New York. Basic Books. 2008)
A Swindler's Progress: Nobles and Convicts in the Age of Liberty (Cambridge, MA and London: Harvard University Press, 2010)
The Anatomy Murders (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2009)
Trotsky: A Biography book cover.
Where Have All the Soldiers Gone: The Transformation of Modern Europe book cover.
Famine: A Short History book cover.