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Syrian Crisis & American Government

Lesson Plan Author(s): 
Andy Rhiel, Michael Reed, Joel Phillips
Syrian Crisis & American Government
Teaching Area: 
Globalization and American Government
Ohio American Government 4; Ohio American Government 21; CCSS.ELALITERACY. RH.1112.7
Grade Level: 
11 and 12
Teaching Level: 
Secondary Childhood
Origins Item(s): 

Within this lesson plan students work with the current Syrian Civil War crisis and look at the intricacies of the roles of government in foreign affairs. This lesson is meant to be paired with the Origins podcast entitled “It Takes a Historian to Understand the Middle East…Doesn’t It?” by Jane Hathaway et al. Through this podcast students gain an understanding of the issues present in the Middle East as well as the importance of consulting historians who are familiar with the people and culture when making foreign policy decisions.

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Key Words: 
Government, Syrian, civil war, Historian