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James Genova

Dr. Genova is an Associate Professor of History and Program Coordinator for the History Program on the Marion Campus of The Ohio State University. He is a specialist of modern Francophone West Africa, globalization, and cultural studies. Genova has recently completed monograph tentatively titled Cinema in the Service of the People: Aesthetics and Development in West Africa, 1945-1975 that examines the significant role of the “cinema industrial complex” in West Africa during the critical period when the region won its independence from France. His first monograph, Colonial Ambivalence, Cultural Authenticity, and the Limitations of Mimicry in French West Africa, 1914-1956 looked at the construction of cultural identities among the French-educated elite during the colonial period and how that social group emerged as politically dominant during the decolonization process. Dr. Genova has also published several articles and book chapters on African cinema, cultural politics, and citizenship in the context of empire.