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Lawrence Bowdish

B.A. History/Economics- New College of Florida, Thesis "The Cyclical Nature of U.S. Banking in Latin America: World War I to the 1990s"

M.A. History- The Ohio State University, Thesis "An Easily Understood Problem: The Passage of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (1974)" My fields are Modern U.S., Women's, and Economic.

Ph.D. History- The Ohio State University, Dissertation "Invidious Distinctions: Credit Discrimination Against Women, 1960s-Present"

My research interests include: Consumer/Financial & Banking History (American), Social History and Culture, esp. Pop Cinema, Historical Demographics, and the American Southeast.

When I am not working on any of these, I might be found on a basketball court making a fool of myself or playing a video game, making slightly less of a fool of myself.