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Ryan Irwin

Ryan Irwin is deputy director of International Security Studies (ISS) at Yale University, where he teaches courses on decolonization, foreign affairs, and international history, and directs ISS activities funded by the Smith-Richardson Foundation. Irwin earned a Ph.D. in history from Ohio State in 2010.

Interested broadly in the growth of multilocalism and globalization--two forces that have marked public life in recent times--his research and writing focus on how European imperialism, American liberalism, and postcolonial nationalism came together in the mid-twentieth century.

Irwin's dissertation, an international history of the apartheid debate, was entitled "The Gordian Knot: Apartheid and the Unmaking of the Liberal World Order, 1960-1970." Based on archival research in Africa, Europe, and North America, it looked at how, why, and where African nationalists, Afrikaner nationalists, and American liberals contested South Africa's place in the global community in the years after second-wave decolonization. In addition to this project, he has authored a handful of articles and essays in Diplomatic History, International History Review, History Compass, and Passport, and won the Stuart L. Bernath Article Prize from the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR). He is now revising his dissertation for publication and working on a second book project about the intellectual and political origins of the United Nations.