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Sarah Brady Siff

Sarah Brady Siff is a historian of U.S. drug control for the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center and a visiting assistant professor in the Moritz College of Law, where she teaches a seminar on drug law enforcement and the Bill of Rights. Her 2019 article “Burn, Sell, or Drive: Forfeiture in the History of Drug Law Enforcement” in the Ohio State Law Journal proposes that customary drug-related seizure and forfeiture practices in the United States are rooted in founding-era tax law. She is currently writing about drug control in California and about cannabis eradication in and by the United States.

Dr. Siff holds a PhD in U.S. history from Ohio State. She is the author of “Atomic Roaches and Test-tube Babies: Bentley Glass and Science Communication” in Journalism and Communication Monographs. She has served as copy editor of Origins since 2016 and is a contributing editor to Points: The Blog of the Alcohol & Drugs History Society.