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Scott Levi

Scott Levi (Ph.D. in History, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2000) is Associate Professor of Islamic Central Asian history at Ohio State University. He was a founding member of the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies, past president of the Central Eurasian Studies Society, and has traveled widely through the region.  He is the author of The Indian Diaspora in Central Asia and its Trade, 1550-1900 (Leiden: E. J. Brill, 2002), editor of India and Central Asia: Commerce and Culture, 1500-1800 (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2007), and co-editor, with Ron Sela, of Islamic Central Asia: An Anthology of Sources (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2010).  His most recent book is Caravans: Indian Merchants on the Silk Road (Gurgaon: Penguin, 2015).  His current research focuses on Central Asia in the 18th and 19th centuries, on the eve of the Russian colonial era.