Amikam Nachmani

Amikam Nachmani is a Professor in the Department of Political Studies at Bar Ilan University, Israel (Chair of Department: 2009 – 2013). He received his Ph.D from Oxford. Professor Nachmani specializes in the modern history, politics,
culture and society of the East-Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey and Cyprus in particular). Nachmani holds the Bar Ilan University Patterson Chair for Mediterranean Studies (2014). Nachmani’s research and publications
focus on water shortage, civil wars, gender and nationalism, rape and war, ethnicity, the role of the military in Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern countries, Muslim migrants in Europe, and intellectual history. In 2013 he was the awardee of the Minas Nomikos Award for Security Research Excellence, which is awarded annually by The International Intelligence History Association (IIHA).