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"For insight into the complicated and complicating events ... , one needs perspective, not attitudes; context, not anecdotes; analyses, not postures. For any kind of lasting illumination the focus must be on the history routinely ignored or played down or unknown."   — Toni Morrison

Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective connects history with today.

Every month since 2007, we’ve provided historical insight on current events that matter to the United States and to the world. The history departments of Ohio State University and Miami University in Oxford produce a main article that appears on the 15th of each month and features an expert who analyzes a pressing issue—whether political, cultural, or social—in a broader, deeper context. Origins’ main articles focus on the long-term trends and patterns, search for the foundations of today’s events, and explore the often complicated nature of a particular current event.

Our readers are from every continent and almost every country on the planet. And Origins keeps growing.

Our monthly Milestones essays feature brief new histories on anniversaries of past events, large and small.

Wee also offer book review essays that cover the best of today’s history reading.

Connecting History catches the newest blogs and coolest links to historical stuff across the web, featuring film reviews, postcards from across the globe, and "Top Ten" lists.

And our podcast History Talk features interviews and segments about today’s most interesting topics— it’s a history podcast for everyone. Our serial podcast, Prologued, features amazing stories and remarkable guests, Prologued offers in-depth discussions of the historical roots of the world today—a past that has often been lost, ignored, or misconstrued. Each season we reconstruct the history of a major issue that confronts society now: to explain how we got here and to reveal a path forward. Join us for insight and entertainment about the past, present, and future.

We hope that Origins will help you understand the world more fully. To provide the best and most interesting content, we have and continue to partner with other like-minded organizations.

The final goal of Origins is to make us all more informed, engaged citizens. As the American philosopher John Dewey wrote, “History which is not brought down close to the actual scene of events leaves a gap.”

We’re also proud that Origins is a project of the Public History Initiative and eHistory in the History Department at The Ohio State University in collaboration with the History Department at Miami University.

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