Catherine Evtuhov

Catherine Evtuhov is a Professor in the Department of History at Columbia University in New York. She specializes in the history of Russia, primarily the imperial period. Her interests include the history of Russian thought in European context, material culture and local history, and the history of the Black Sea region and Russian-Ottoman relations. She is currently working on two books--Russia in the Age of Elizabeth (1741-61) and This Side of Good & Evil: Vladimir Soloviev for the 21st Century--and has published numerous others, including:

  • Portrait of a Russian Province: Economy, Society, and Civilization in Nineteenth-Century Nizhnii Novgorod.
  • A History of Russia: Peoples, Legends, Events, Forces.
  • The Cultural Gradient: the Transmission of Ideas in Europe, 1789-1991.
  • Sergei Bulgakov, Philosophy of Economy: the World as Household.
  • Kazan, Moscow, St. Petersburg: Multiple Faces of the Russian Empire.
  • The Cross & the Sickle: Sergei Bulgakov and the Fate of Russian Religious Philosophy, 1890-1920.