Christine LaHue

Christine LaHue is a doctoral candidate in US History at The Ohio State University, where she works with her advisor, John Brooke. Her dissertation, The Resurrection of John Wise: Congregational Republicanism and Popular Mobilization of New Englanders, 1680-1775, examines the convergence of religious ideals and political aims in revolutionary New England. Specifically, it explores how ideals from the written work of Puritan minister John Wise persisted through the eighteenth century and transcended the boundaries of organized religion to permeate New England’s culture, where this civil religion of “congregational republicanism” influenced how thousands of ordinary men and women responded to the events of the revolutionary era. She enjoys working with students and teaches the US History Survey courses at Ohio State. She is also interested in developing an upper-division course that examines how ideas have spurred revolution and reform throughout American history. Outside of the university community, Chris shares her love of music and art with school-aged children; she has taught art history in a public school and directed a youth church choir as a volunteer for more than ten years.