Andrew Offenburger

Andrew Offenburger is an editor of Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective and Associate Professor of History at Miami University. His first book, Frontiers in the Gilded Age: Adventure, Capitalism, and Dispossession from Southern Africa to the U.S.-Mexican Borderlands, 1880-1917, was published in 2019 by Yale University Press. His second book, The Aimless Life, is an edited historical memoir originally written by Leonard Worcester, Jr., an itinerant mine manager operating between Colorado and Chihuahua from the 1880s until his death in 1939. It was published in 2021 by the University of Nebraska Press. In 2014-2015, he was the David J. Weber Postdoctoral Fellow for the Study of Southwestern America at the William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies.

Dr. Offenburger has also developed an online platform, SourceNotes, which facilitates group research projects in the humanities, and enables professors to teach the craft of historical research in the classroom.