Hot off the Presses: France and Its Empire Since 1870

France and Its Empire Since 1870, Second Edition

Recently updated edition of book from Ohio State Historian Alice L. Conklin - 

Cover of France and Its Empire Since 1870."Providing an up-to-date synthesis of the history of an extraordinary nation--one that has been shrouded in myths, many of its own making--France and Its Empire Since 1870 seeks both to understand these myths and to uncover the complicated and often contradictory realities that underpin them. It situates modern French history in transnational and global contexts and also integrates the themes of imperialism and immigration into the traditional narrative.

New to this Edition: Chapter 1 offers greatly expanded coverage of events between 1815 and 1870 Chapter 14 offers new coverage of events from 2007 to 2013 Now includes suggested readings for each chapter to guide students interested in learning more Expanded photo captions give more context and information." [Book description from publisher's website].