The Global War on Drugs (Prologued, Season 2, Trailer)

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When and where did the War on Drugs really begin? Join us as we explore how a century of drug wars fought around the world informs today's conversations about marijuana use, abuse, and legalization. 

Season II of Prologued on The Global War on Drugs premieres on November 2, 2021, with new episodes airing every Tuesday, wherever you get your podcasts. 

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Prologued Season 2 Trailer Transcript

Paul Gootenberg

I'm trying to think of another international policy that's failed for as long and seriously as drugs that has continued to thrive.

Sarah Brady Siff

To sum up the drug wars in one sentence, I would say they go on and on and on.

Michelle Paranzino

The drugs have won.

Brionna Mendoza

On this season of Prologued

Isaac Campos

It's also important to recognize that the war on drugs has not just been a creation of the United States.

Brionna Mendoza

The war on drugs is perhaps one of the most infamous political and cultural symbols of the 20th century.

Isaac Campos

Its origins are not simply in racism or imperialism.

Brionna Mendoza

But what if I told you that “just say no”, Red Ribbon Week, even the declaration of war against drugs was the end of the story, not the beginning.

Isaac Campos

Rather, its development is was a very complex process that occurred on a global scale really, and involve many different countries, and been involved certain discourses and ideas about drugs that were really shared across the country. And to simplify it to kind of demonizing the United States or demonizing certain actors I think misses the complexity of the story.

Brionna Mendoza

From Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective, Prologued Season Two reevaluates what we think we know about the War on Drugs. When and where did it really begin? Why has it persisted? And perhaps most importantly, will we ever be able to quit? I'm Brionna Mendoza. Join me as I uncover how the centuries-long history of global drug prohibition prologues today's discussions of drug use, abuse, and legalization. Prologued Season Two is coming November 2, 2021. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts.