It’s Kimpossible to Get Married in Rowan County, Kentucky Right Now

Students are given the opportunity to interact with multiple perspectives regarding the recent controversy involving Kim Davis, a public official in Rowan County, Kentucky, who refuses to issue marriage licenses in response to a recent Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in the U.S. The use of this current event allows students a chance to see real life issues that provide concrete examples of key concepts that they have learned in either their Government or Sociology classes. It gives students a chance to work with secondary sources in a Dueling Documents activity in order to supplement their knowledge of the events and perspectives of those involved. This lesson allows students a chance to engage in fruitful discussion surrounding the events and their relevance to what is being taught within the Government or Sociology classroom. 

Teaching Standard
OCSS:16; OCSS:20
Teaching Area
US History since 1877
American Government
Gender & Sexuality
Grade Level
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