Sensationalism, Modern Media, & Presidential Elections


This lesson plan allows students to examine the role the media has in shaping public opinion in relationship to how the media portrayed Trump throughout the 2016 presidential election. The Origins article we used to inform our lesson plan was about how media coverage shaped the 2016 presidential election and how the goals of the media are creating revenue and ratings. During the lesson, students would not be reading the article. Instead, the article was used as a resource for teachers to gain information on the history of media for the lecture segment of instruction. For the opening of the lesson, students will write down their thoughts on logos featuring Native Americans and then watch a video and explain how media changed their opinions. After this, there is an interactive lecture with discussion about the goals of media and the history of media shaping public opinion. After this, students will do a quick write where they relate the goals of media to the 2016 presidential election. The next activity allows students to work in groups to compare and contrast media from today to media of the past. As a class, the teacher and students will have a discussion questioning the accuracy of media through a political cartoon. Finally, students will complete an exit ticket based on a scenario regarding what the media chooses to cover using information they learned throughout the class period.

Instructional Strategies:


Group Work

Class Discussion

Lesson Materials:

Teaching Standard
CCSS.8.19; Writing Standard 8.7
Teaching Area
US History since 1877
American Government
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Modern Media.LP-rev020118.pdf