Dirty Water, Dirty Government

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This lesson plan deals with the concept of federal government regulation, specifically looking at water regulation and how that relates to the climate change debate seen in modern day politics. Students will explore the changes in water regulation over time, at the state and federal level, by visiting four stations around the classroom that are made up of excerpts from an Origins article and primary sources. After visiting each station and answering the corresponding questions, students will participate in a whole class discussion that ties the changes in water regulation over time into the modern-day climate change debate. As an Exit Ticket, students will be drafting their own regulations that are aimed at protecting water or the environment, using information from the stations to understand what those regulations can look like.

Instruction Strategies:

  • Bell Ringer
  • Stations
  • Whole Class Discussion
  • Exit Ticket

Lesson Materials:

Teaching Standard
ODE 22
Teaching Area
US History since 1877
American Government
Grade Level
Downloadable Files
Dirty Water, Dirty Government Lesson Plan.pdf
Dirty Water, Dirty Government Sources.pdf
Dirty Water, Dirty Government Stations Questions.pdf
Dirty Water, Dirty Government Word Bank.pdf
Dirty Water, Dirty Government.ppt