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The Long Legacy of WWI

Graveyard - WWI soldiers
Lesson Plan Author(s): 
Adam Reed
Long-term effects of WWI debt.
Teaching Area: 
World History
AH.16; MWH.15
Grade Level: 
Teaching Level: 
Secondary Childhood
Origins Item(s): 

This lesson explores the effects of debt accumulated from WWI and how these radically changed the world. The lesson will start with the introduction of an essential question and then transitioning into a background mini-lecture about WWI and how war bonds were used to pay for military expenditures, getting the students to start thinking about what this would mean if the governments were not able to pay back these bonds. The students will take a lecture quiz to ensure that they understood the content of the lecture. The lesson will then transition into a gallery walk in which the students will move around the room and view war bonds posters as well as visualizations of what the war debt from WWI looked like for different countries. During this there will be a check for understanding as well as a gallery walk handout which will assess student’s understanding of the material. The lesson will close with the students doing a synthesis discussion as well as an exit ticket to assess their learning of the whole lesson.

Instructional Strategies:

  • Mini-Lecture
  • Gallery Walk
  • Synthesis Discussion

Lesson Materials:

Key Words: 
War Bonds, War Debt, Reparations