Andriy Lyubka

Born in 1987, Lyubka is a poet, essayist and prose fiction writer who lives in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. Author of several poetry collections [including “Eight Months of Schizophrenia” (2007) and “Terrorism” (2008)], Andriy has traveled all over Europe and to Brazil to participate in literary events and festivals. His works have been translated into Hungarian, Czech, Portuguese, German, Russian and Polish. His most recent book was entitled Sleeping with Women (2014), and he has also recently been granted an MA degree in Slavic Studies at the University of Warsaw. Among other things, Lyubka was an active participant in the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2005, supporting Yushchenko, and during the presidential elections in Belarus in 2006, he served as an election observer and one of the group of advisors to the presidential candidate Alyaksandr Milinkevich. After taking part in protests there, he spent 15 days in Belarusan jail and was expelled from the country. He spent much of December 2013 on Maidan Square and has been writing about political events in Ukraine ever since. Website: