3/28/14: On Alienation and Consumption, Then & Now

A man walking by photos of overflowing trash.

There's a lot of talk surrounding The Daily Beast's recent article on how "Music Criticism has Degenerated into Lifestyle Reporting." In this article, Ted Gioia states that in our present society  

"...artists generate coverage by their clothes, hook-ups, and run-ins with the law. What happened to the music?"

Ohio State Historian David Steigerwald covers similar issues in his Origins article, "Where Have You Gone Holden Caulfield? Why We Aren't 'Alienated' Anymore." He takes to task the modern fascination with consumption, claiming 

"There is a pronounced superficiality about so much of our high-tech consumption that I cannot bring myself to see it as a satisfying way of life. The outlets for genuine creativity are increasingly circumscribed." 

Check out these two articles side-by-side for an interesting outlook on creativity's relationship with consumption and personal branding in our present society.