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Legacies of WWI

Lesson Plan Author(s): 
Candice Hannah
The long-term effects of the First World War
Teaching Area: 
World History
Grade Level: 
Teaching Level: 
Secondary Childhood
Origins Item(s): 

Grade Level: 9

Description: The Origins article “The Long Legacy of World War I” addresses the long-term effects of WWI on society. This two-day lesson plan uses the article as a foundation for facts and concepts to encourage inquiry, critical thinking, and analytical skills as students examine the results of WWI based on secondary and primary sources. The lessons ask the essential question, “What is the most important legacy of WWI?” Students will develop a thesis statement to answer this question, and using the evidence gathered from the article and primary sources, they will defend their argument in an essay. The lesson plans can be turned into a three-day plan, providing a day devoted to writing, or it can remain a two-day plan with the essay as an extended homework assignment.

Key Words: Legacy, Financial Power, Collective Mourning, Russian Revolution, World War I 

Materials: Venn Diagram, Gallery Walk Posters/Big Paper, Smartboard, Sticky notes, DBQ Writing Organizer

Lesson materials:

Lesson Plan

Supplemental Sources

Supporting Questions

Legacies Venn Diagram

Gallery Walk Images

Legacies of WWI Power Point