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The Rise of New Populism

Lesson Plan Author(s): 
Lisa Ruggiero
Global Populism
Teaching Area: 
Grade Modern World History/ Contemporary Issues
Grade Level: 
Teaching Level: 
Secondary Childhood
Origins Item(s): 

This lesson uses the Origins article, “Fear and Loathing Around the World: The Rise of New Populism” to show the alarming and global trend towards populist and authoritarian leaders. The lesson looks at the United States, the Philippines, and Hungary, all of which are discussed in detail in the article. In addition, it considers Poland. Students will complete a stations activity to delve into specific aspects of populism in each of the four countries. A whole class discussion at the end of the stations activity allows students to talk through populist ideas with peers as they take in new information.

• Stations Packet
• Differentiated Packet
• Differentiated Packet with Sentence Starters
• Introductory PowerPoint
• Additional Primary Sources:

Files for download:

Lesson Plan.pdf

Sources for Stations.pdf

Answer Key for Stations worksheet.pdf

Differentiated Stations Worksheet.pdf

Additional Primary Sources.pdf

Rise of Populism.pptx

Key Words: 
Populism, Authoritarianism