The Extermination of a Nation: The Genocide in Rwanda

photos of people who died during Rwandan genocide

This lesson plan focuses on the genocide in Rwanda that occurred in 1994 when the Hutu government targeted the Tutsi population and Hutu moderates who were against the government. Students will complete a document-based question activity in small groups. Collaboratively, they will read two primary source documents while answering corresponding questions. Following this activity, the teacher will assess their learning with a check for understanding. Once completed with the assessment, the students will continue with the document-based question activity by analyzing the two remaining primary source documents which also correspond with several questions. After students have finished the analysis activity, they will participate in a synthesis discussion. This will give students an opportunity to explain misunderstandings and share thoughts pertaining to the topic of the lesson. Further, the students will be able to explain their reasoning to invoke discussion and all responses must be supported by content, evidence from the primary source documents, and prior knowledge from the Origins article. After the class discussion, the students will work individually to write a thesis statement based on the material learned from the sources. The Exit Ticket for this lesson allows students to submit their Graphic Organizers to the teacher.

Instructional Strategies:

  • Document-based Questions
  • Synthesis Class Discussion

Lesson Materials:

Teaching Standard
M.W.H.23; M.W.H.24; C.I.9; C.I.10
Teaching Area
World History since 1500
War & Peace
Grade Level
Downloadable Files
Genocide in Rwanda Lesson Plan.pdf
Genocide in Rwanda Sources.pdf
Genocide in Rwanda Source Questions.pdf
Genocide in Rwanda Presentation.ppt