Singapore at Fifty

In this lesson, students will perform a close reading of an article that focuses on the modern economic emergence of Singapore in an era characterized by the globalization of trade. This lesson is designed to develop students’ abilities to comprehend, synthesize, and analyze a complex text. Students will identify and define key vocabulary in each excerpt from the article. Next, they will summarize the main idea of each excerpt. Students will then analyze the factors that have contributed to Singapore’s reliance or success on trade based on the reading passage. After the analysis of the excerpts and in the closing of the lesson, students will predict the future of Singapore in the form of an exit slip. Questions that students respond to are located within the PowerPoint but can be integrated into in the form of open-ended questions for students to record their responses to digitally. This medium of interactive technology is a method for engaging students and provides the instructor with immediate feedback to guide instruction.

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Lesson Plan

Singapore Presentation

Origins Content
Teaching Standard
ONLS 7.20; CCSS.ELA-­Literacy.RH.6-­8.2
Teaching Area
World History since 1500
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