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Best in History Online: Public History Commons

Every month, we like to take a moment to highlight fantastic history sites from around the web. These are websites that – much like Origins – seek to bring history into public conversation.



In March, our pick is an ongoing project for historians and public historians alike to share their ideas, the Public History Commons!

The Public History Commons is a project of the National Council on Public History, “designed to serve the field by providing a platform where practitioners, scholars, and others with an interest in the presentation and interpretation of history in public can share ideas and resources.” The site was launched in March 2012 and continues to add new components and functions, including History@Work blog, Public History News Feed, digital publications from The Public Historian journal, and Public History Commons Library.

They also welcome submissions to their “New in the Field” listing of new work in all venues of public history.

Be sure to go and check out Public History Commons and all of its components in full!

-- Posted March 25, 2016