Paris, and Existential Global Challenges

Origins author, John Brooke  recently published a blog post on FifteenEightyFour entitled "Paris, and Existential Global Challenges." A world leader in climate history, Brooke has written Climate, Human Population and Human Survival: What the Deep Past Tells Us about the Future and contributed to last month's podcast Climate Change and Human Life.  In the blog, Brooke links global warming and ISIS:

Image of drought.

"The city of Paris stands today at the intersection of two fundamental challenges to our collective future.

Over the next month, leaders from around the world will assemble to attempt to find a way forward on the perilous problem of human-induced climate change. They meet in a city that has just suffered a brutal loss of innocent life at the hands of violent Jihadism whose origins were accelerated by the rising arc of climate change. Global warming and ISIS are subtly connected. 

The accelerating pace of human energy consumption – with origins running deep into the past – has begun to warm the global heat envelope that makes life on earth possible. Global warming is real, and is driven by the exponential growth of human populations and economies."  

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