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Politics and Protest on College Campuses


In the last year, college campuses have seen growing currents of activism around issues ranging from free speech and controversial speakers, to sexual assault and campus-corporate partnerships. But how does political engagement on campuses today compare to the history of American campus activism, particularly in the 1960s? What sparks campus protests? How do they grow? And what can they achieve? On this episode of History Talk, hosts Brenna Miller and Jessica Vinas-Nelson talk to two guests—Bill Shkurti and David Steigerwald—to learn what the history of campus protests can teach campus activists, administrators, and communities today.

Mario Savio and other Free Speech Movement protesters rallying on November 20, 1964, on UC-Berkeley's campus. Photo - University of California at Berkeley Library

For more on OSU campus protests in the 1960s, check out Bill Shkurti's book, The Ohio State University in the Sixties: The Unraveling of the Old Order.

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Posted February 2018