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Mayhill Fowler

Mayhill C. Fowler is an associate professor of History at Stetson University. She holds an MFA in Acting from the
National Theater Conservatory and a PhD in History from Princeton University. She has published widely on
theater, film, and culture more broadly in Ukraine, and has been visiting Ukraine and seeing theater there since
2006. She is the author of Beau Monde on Empire’s Edge: State and Stage in Soviet Ukraine (Toronto, 2017),
and the editor of Krzysztof Czyzewski’s Toward Xenopolis: Visions from the Borderland (Rochester 2022). She
is currently working on two book projects: Comrade Actress: Soviet Ukrainian Women on the Stage and Behind
the Scenes and War Stories: The Soviet Army Theater in Lviv on the Frontlines of Socialism. She is an
affiliated researcher with the Center for Urban History in Lviv, Ukraine, and a full member of the Shevchenko
Scientific Society in New York.