The Global War on Drugs

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Sarah Brady Siff, Isaac Peter Campos, Brionna Mendoza

Our panel of historians reevaluates what we think we know about the War on Drugs. 

When and where did it really begin?
Why has it persisted?
And perhaps most importantly, will we ever be able to quit? 

They uncover how the centuries-long history of global drug prohibition prologues today's discussions of drug use, abuse, and legalization.


  • Dr. Isaac Peter Campos, Associate Professor of History, University of Cincinnati
  • Brionna Mendoza, Doctoral candidate in History, Ohio State University
  • Dr. Sarah Brady Siff, Drug Enforcement & Policy Center, Moritz College of Law; Ohio State University
  • Nicholas Breyfogle, Associate Professor of History and Director of the Goldberg Center for Excellence in Teaching, Ohio State University

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February, 2022
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