Best in History Online: The American Historian

Logo and title of The American Historian.

Every month, we like to take a moment to highlight fantastic history sites from around the web. These are websites that – much like Origins – seek to bring history into public conversation.

For December, our Best in History Online highlights the website for the quarterly journal The American Historian.

Located at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, The American Historian is a member magazine published by the Organization of American Historians. They publish in February, May, August, and November.

“The OAH was founded in 1907 as the Mississippi Valley Historical Association, serves individual college and university professors, high school teachers, students, archivists, public historians, and others who value the study of the American past. Membership in the OAH is open to anyone interested in the investigation, study, and teaching of American history.” [Taken from the TAH website]

Be sure to check out and follow both The American Historian (@TheAmHistorian) and OAH (@The_OAH) on Twitter! As well as this month's Best of History Online, The American Historian, in full!

Posted December 22, 2015