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A Time It Was: 1968 Around the World.

1968 numbers with images behind the numbers
Lesson Plan Author(s): 
Adam Reed
Teaching Area: 
OHSS 25: The Cold War and conflicts in Korea and Vietnam influenced domestic and international politics. OHSS 27: Following World War II, the United States experienced a struggle for racial and gender equality and the extension of civil rights.
Grade Level: 
Teaching Level: 
Secondary Childhood
Origins Item(s): 

This lesson plan works with the concept of globalism and how protests around the world often mirror each other. The Origins article that was chosen compares how student movements around the world in 1968 often mirrored each other, and how President Johnson was not truthful with the American people about the extent of the Tet Offensive in Vietnam. This article was chosen because it focuses on important concepts of globalism and governmental transparency which can still be seen today. The lesson can be split into two different days with students doing a Dueling Documents activity the first day in which they look at a statement by President Johnson on the Tet Offensive and then they compare that to the Pentagon Papers discussing the true extent of the Tet Offensive. The second day they will be doing a stations activity in which they will be analyzing pictures and descriptions of student protests around the world all happening at the same time and filling out a handout which will help students to compare how these student movement have many similarities with each other. They will then finish the lesson by discussion how different protests around the world mirrored each other and filling out a 3-2-1 assessment which measures their learning of both the Stations activity as well as the Dueling Document activity.

Instructional Strategies:
• Dueling Documents
• Synthesis Discussion
• Stations
• Essential Question Discussion


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