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Alawites and the Fate of Syria

… late 2010 and swept across Libya and Egypt—finally reached Syria, people from various religious and ethnic backgrounds … the regime of Bashar al-Assad, the “elected” president of Syria. The unrest resulted from a combination of … that had been building for years and that affect especially Syria’s large rural population. The drought of 2007-2010, …
Tank in Syria

The Syrian Civil War: Alawites, Women's Rights, and the Arab Spring

… and Patrick Scharfe on the the civil war in Syria, which continues to dominate headlines across the … Arab Spring, intervention, and the way forward. For more on Syria, see Origins’ two articles, “ Syria's Islamic Movement and the 2011-12 Uprising ” and “ …

Syria's Islamic Movement and the 2011-12 Uprising

… At the end of March 2012, Syria's major opposition groups gathered in Istanbul to work … constituencies of the umbrella opposition group, the Syrian National Council (SNC), are staunch non-Islamists. … the SNC, charging that it had fallen under the control of Syria's primary Islamist organization, the Muslim Brothers …

Syrian Crisis & American Government

Grade Level
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US History since 1877
American Government
War & Peace
… Within this lesson plan students work with the current Syrian Civil War crisis and look at the intricacies of the … when making foreign policy decisions. Files for download: Syrian-Civil-War-Lesson-Plan.pdf   Syrian-Civil-War-Presentation.pptx …
October 23, 1983, a massive explosion ripped through the barracks of the battalion landing team (BLT) of the 24th Marine Amphibious Unit at the Beirut International Airport.

Middle East Remains Unstable 30 Years after Attacks on Peacekeepers in Lebanon

… multi-faceted challenges. With atrocities now piling up in Syria , and the question of U.S. intervention hovering, the … time. The Muslims, however, tended to want to be a part of Syria, currently also coalescing under French rule. … their position in the fragile Middle Eastern power system. Syria occupied the Bekaa valley in eastern Lebanon in 1976, …
Israeli soldiers stand around their tanks during the Yom Kippur War.

The Yom Kippur War and the OPEC Oil Embargo

… Middle East when Anwar Sadat’s Egypt and Hafez al-Assad’s Syria launched a joint attack on Israel’s southern and … War of 1967 , Egypt lost the Sinai Peninsula to Israel and Syria forfeited the Golan Heights. Both nations desired to retake these locations. Egypt and Syria chose the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur to launch their …

The Question of Immigration

Grade Level
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World History since 1500
… “Understanding the Middle East.” The podcast deals with the Syrian Civil War and why historians are so valuable to … complex issues around the globe. To study the issue of the Syrian Civil War and the population displaced by it students … into the country in the 1975 Vietnam crisis and the Syrian Civil War crisis. The students will identify …
Middle East

Foreign Policy and the 3 Branches of Government

Grade Level
Teaching Area
US History since 1877
American Government
War & Peace
…     Picture-Pass-Syrian-Civil-War-Materials.pdf   Syrian-Civil-War_Presentation.pptx     … Middle East … United States … Diplomacy/International Relations … Syria … Education … US History since 1877 … American …
Official ISIS flag

11/12/2014: Top Ten Origins: The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)

… al-Sham, is a  Sunni  jihadist group based in northeastern Syria and northwestern  Iraq . It is one of the rebel groups fighting to topple  the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad . In 2014 ISIS expanded its … defeated and largely destroyed AQI, which retreated into Syria to regroup. The Syrian civil war that erupted in 2011 …

The Fate of the Kurds

… of U.S. military support for the Kurds in northern Syria in October 2019 with an astonishing display of … protest Turkey’s offensive against Kurdish YPG forces in Syria in 2018. The white poster in the background reads, … Turkey, western Iran , northern Iraq , and northeastern Syria and diasporic populations extending far beyond these …

The Question of Refugees: Past and Present

… that phrase? It describes what has happened recently when Syrian, Afghan, and other refugees attempted the difficult … on Europe’s doorstep, a response many call inadequate. A Syrian boy waiting for assistance in 2014. The desperation … issues. One consideration is that, since 2011, most Syrian refugees either remain in Syria as internally …
A crowd of Syrian refugees in the Vienna airport

Road to Europe: The 2015 Migration Crisis

… us up to the present. But what you had in the cases where Syria, Lebanon is today, it formed the heart of the Arab … from lands that were lost and being resettled throughout Syria and Lebanon, primarily Syria, but elsewhere throughout the Ottoman Empire. At the …
Israeli Prime Minister, Levi Eshkol

Six Days That Shook The World

Review of The Six Day War: The Breaking of the Middle East, by Guy Laron (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2017)
… violence. Laron discusses how the economic turmoil in Syria and Egypt in the 1950s and 1960s created the … emphasizes that Egypt’s regime under Abdul Gamar Nasser, Syria’s Baath Party, and Jordan’s King Hussein rarely spoke with one voice. In fact, Syria had previously grown tired of Egypt’s claims to speak …
A Church in Novgorod Russia

Russia and the World

… to events, doesn't initiate a lot. For instance, in Syria, obviously the Obama administration wasn't going to … as reactive even in Ukraine and Crimea, certainly in Syria, as Jerry alluded to. To go back to the original … nationalism. And if we think about actions in Crimea and in Syria, ones that Gerry referenced, those are as much …
Abovian Among the Kurds, painting by Mkrtich Sedrakyan, 1950. (Image from author's personal collection, courtesy of the Khachatur Abovian House-Museum, Yerevan, Armenia.)

Top Ten Origins: Russia’s Relations with the Kurds

… Russia’s cooperation with the Kurds of Iraq and Syria in the fight against ISIL has been widely publicized … the mountainous frontiers of Turkey , Iran , Iraq, and Syria, the Kurds number approximately 30 million people. … who are fleeing persecution by ISIL . 9. Russia Allies with Syrian and Iraqi Kurds against ISIL Syrian Kurds open a …
Palestinians during the first intifada, 1987. (Photo by Peter Stepan)

The Long Shadow of the June 1967 War

… by defeating invading armies from Egypt , Jordan, Syria , Lebanon, and Iraq and suppressing internal … after the Six Day War of 1967. Tensions along the Israeli-Syrian border led to dogfights in early April in which Israeli military jets downed Syrian aircraft, and to violence in northern Israel that …

The Secular Roots of a Religious Divide in Contemporary Iraq

… and killed them. Flag of the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) or "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" … led the first military excursion into the area that is now Syria and Iraq . (This historic detail explains why Islamic … Muhammad. Others backed Muawiyya, based in what is now Syria , who controlled the most powerful army in the Islamic …
Two women in black hijab in Yemen

Yemen: Inside The Forgotten War

… Divide in Contemporary Iraq , Alawites and the Fate of Syria , and Syria's Islamic Movement and the 2011-12 Uprising. ( Image … or problem to what we see in contemporary Iraq and Syria and Libya, that these are competitions over really …
A memorial to Holocaust victims in front of a Jewish cemetery.

A Postcard from Berlin: Confronting a Troubled Past

… of controversy to be depicted on the city’s walls is t he Syrian refugee crisis . Many European countries have been hesitant to accept the massive influx of desperate Syrians, but the mood in Berlin, as expressed by its … A sign urges Berliners to donate in order to help feed Syrian refugees. Graffiti on the Spree River welcomes Syrian …
Diocletian's Camp in Palmyra

Understanding the Middle East

… article: Foreign Policy and the 3 Branches of Government ,  Syrian Crisis & American Government , and the Question of … are significant Shiite communities in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and India. Dr. Jane … the US policies of President George W. Bush, but also over Syria and Yemen, who, these two countries were also in these …
A 1963 photo of the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem.

In Bethlehem, Persisting Hope

… in violence between Israel, Hamas, and the Lebanese-based, Syrian-backed Hezbollah militia, there are also peaceful … In 2006 it remains a prime Israeli tourist destination. Syria and Israel enjoy a frontier which has been casualty-free since l973, this despite Syria’s backing of Lebanon-based Hezbollah in a thirty-four …
A plume of smoke rising from a neighborhood in Beirut following an Israeli strike in 2006.

Why Israel’s Campaign Will Likely Fail

… different. That goal was to destroy the PLO and drive the Syrian Army out of Lebanon. Although concerned that Israel’s … itself properly and found itself bogged down against the Syrian Army. While the Bush administration hesitates to use … government of Lebanon is on the verge of collapse, with Syria and Hezbollah poised to fill the vacuum. Moreover, the …
migrants walking down a road

Defining Refugees: 1921 and 1951

… formats—it might seem like refugees are everywhere. Syrian and Eritrean refugees cross the Mediterranean, bound … drought and desertification? The Zaatari refugee camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan, 2013. Such refugees must find …